How Shaf congregation Right?

SeributawaNews - In the book "al Mausu'ah" mentioned that the scholars agreed sunna muakkadah row-row stretch in which the majority of people praying that prayer should not be more advanced than others, as well as close-row rows where there are no gaps in the middle-middle.

There are some hadith which contains advice about this, among other things, "'row-row Samakanlah you, for contingent equations including the perfection of prayer'." In another narration, "Verily, straight rows are part of the enforcement of prayer."

Word of the Messenger of Allaah alaihi wa sallam, "make straight rows and rapatkanlah, actually I can see you from behind my back." And his saying shalallhu 'alaihi wa sallam, "" make straight your rows or Allah will turn away your faces. " (Al Mausu'ah al fiqhiyah juz II p. 4414)

The size of the density of rows then the attachment of a praying shoulder to shoulder next to it and stuck his ankle with the ankle during standing next to him in prayer.

Narrated by Imam Ahmad from Abdullah ibn Umar, the Prophet Shallallahu'alaihi wasallam said: "make straight rows (rows), because you lined up the ranks of the angels. And setarakanlah your shoulders, close rows of vacant, and berlunaklah against your brother's hand, and do not let the vacant row to enter the devil. And whosoever shall connect rows of prayer, God will establish a relationship with him, whoever decides otherwise contingent, God also sever its ties to it. "

Markaz al-Fatwa in his fatwa states that equate contingent is to attach the shoulder by shoulder and ankle to ankle. In Sahih Bukhari mentioned "Chapter Attaching the shoulder with shoulder and foot by foot in the row". Nu'man ibn Bashir said, "I saw a man of us put his shoulder to his friend's shoulder."

Al Hafiz Ibn Hajar in 'al-Fath "says" Based on the arguments of Nu'man ibn Bashir hadeeth is that the intent of the ankle in the paragraph about the ablution is a protruding bone on both sides of the foot, which is a meeting place between the calf with the foot, and the this is what allows it to be affixed to the side.
It is different with those who argue that the ankle is the final leg. This is an odd opinion attributed to some Hanafi scholars, while its researchers have not confirmed this opinion as part of their pilgrimage was not confirmed in the problems of ablution. "

Therefore straightening the row is pressed shoulder to shoulder and ankle to ankle .. (Markaz al-Fatwa No.. 47 970). (eramuslim)


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