Tips to Remove Dark Spots on Face

SeributawaNews - All women crave the skin is clean, free from pimples and black spots. But one of the most common problems in most Asian women, especially those aged over 30 years, is the emergence of black spots or spots on the face.

Skin pigmentation or melasma, can occur in some parts of the body, especially in the face, caused by sun exposure.

Besides sunlight, melasma can also occur due to the use of hormonal drugs, such as drugs to prevent pregnancy. Spots can also arise due to the former presence of acne, the use of antibiotics, antiepileptic and anti-inflammatories.

Use cosmetics that are likely to contain mercury and salicylic acid, can make a face stricken spots. Because if used continuously, will cause the skin becomes very sensitive to sunburn.

Could mole removed?

Eliminate the spots from the surface of the face, not easy because it requires regular maintenance in order spots disappear and never come back.

Many ways you can do to eliminate spots, ranging from wearing masks to use cream bleach (bleaching cream) are useful for illuminating the face.

Function is to lift bleach cream horn layer of the skin, eliminate blackheads, improve blood circulation under the skin, brighten and increase skin elasticity.

But with today's modern equipment, spots can be quickly eliminated. But to be able to do so, costs were not a bit.

First thing to do, is to do facials. The goal is to clean the face of dead skin cells, so the face becomes brighter as well as preventing and eroding spots.


- Rub the cream on your face and let stand for 15 minutes.
- Clean the face, then scrub with a scrub to remove dead skin cells.
- Wash the face, then coat with a face mask.
- After the mask dried, cleaned his face again, then use a moisturizer.

You will find it useful, when doing facials on a regular basis for 10 times. The success rate depends on how severe the spots that you suffered. For those of you who have facial skin with spots are rather widespread, should do facials once a week and assisted with night cream.

One of the facials are now beginning to widely used and considered to be sufficiently efficacious to clean spots, is spirulina. Spirulina is seaweed that has been packaged in the form of a kind of mud mask, function to reduce the spots because of its structure such as scrubs. Spirulina is also available in capsule form and taken as supplements.

With treatment once a week, for ten times the facial treatments, spots will fade. But of course, the effect will be more satisfying is that you must be diligent and do it regularly.

Doing Self Facial, Can?

Actual facial treatments you can do yourself at home, as long enough to know what ingredients are needed. Besides using mask materials are sold, you can do facial with fruit or natural materials.

Yam mask or cucumber

Yam had always been known to overcome the black spots on the face. So even cucumber. Memblendernya you live, then smear on the face to black spots on his face faded.

But use fruits that are still fresh and in good shape, because if not careful, rather than heal, your skin will actually itching. If the face already sore and itchy, this is what you should do:

- Apply a thin layer of honey on the face for 15 minutes, then wash with warm water.
- Wash your face with ice water, pat gently and evenly until it feels fresh.

Treatment with cucumber bengkoang or blender, good for those who actively work outside the chamber. Bengkoang or cucumber juice effects of cold, it will feel cool in the face just after you wear it.

Lime slices

For those of you who are over 40 years, the lemon slices evenly on the skin of the face and entire body to lift dead skin cells. Let stand until dry, then rinse with lukewarm water to open pores. After that, rinse again with cold water to close pores.


In addition to lime, the content of antioxidants contained in tea is also good to prevent premature aging. Tea contains tannin which is very good for sun burned skin, tightening the lips, skin care for face and black hair. How:
- Inapkan cup of strong tea overnight.
- Apply the tea water all over face and body.
- Allow to dry by itself.
- Rinse with warm water to open the pores of the skin, then rinse with plain water.

Tea is also useful to refresh tired eyes, you just put a bag of cold tea bags that have been directly on the eyelid. As I lay down, you at once do facial skin care and eye.

Avoid Face Toner

When cleaning the face with cleansing milk at night or early morning, simply rinse your face with plain water. You do not need a toner, astringent or face tonic, because its use would be excessive so that it resulted in increased dry facial skin. Unless you have oily skin.

If you are diligent in doing your own facials at home, make sure your skin is first cleaned using a scrub. Keep in mind, the use of natural materials are the results are not instant as it is done with a laser or other salons. But if done regularly and correctly, the results are no less clean. Good luck!


Before doing facials, you should first identify your skin type. Basically the skin of the face is divided into three types, namely:

Normal Skin
- Usually in the region T (such as forehead, nose and chin) produces excess oil, pores were larger than in other parts of the face.
- After cleaning the face, cheek skin will feel tight.
- Wrinkles with age would be around the eyes, forehead, and upper lip.
- Leather flammable sunburn, so it looks reddish or brown.

Oily Skin
- Generally have large pores and blackheads.
- Facial skin looks shiny and makeup easily fade.
- Wrinkles in the face of slower than other skin types.

Dry Skin
- Easy to peel and burn if exposed to sun.
In the cold easily irritated or itching.
- Regional T sometimes like scaly skin feels tight and shortly after cleaning.
- Wrinkles appear faster, not just on the face, but also on other body skin.

Sensitive Skin
- Easily irritated if you hit a certain cosmetics or exposed to sunlight exposure.
- Skin is generally dry and impressed "thin" at all.
- The skin will feel tight shortly after cleaning.

If your skin type is known, then the skin care and cosmetics that you need next face would be easy to get a match.


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