Tips For Stronger Nails

SeributawaNews - broken or peeling nails problem often experienced by many women. The reason is the state of brittle nails and unhealthy. If you often experience these things do get care that can strengthen your nails.

That's because the skin serves to protect the nail and finger. So do not let your nails are in a state of fragile and easily broken. To make your nails stronger there beberpa treatments you can do yourself at home.

First, spread your fingers and nails with a moisturizing cream every day so as not to dry. Second, use cuticle oil every bedtime, because it will make your nails stronger and trigger growth. Third, always wear gloves while doing housework. This is to protect your nails from chemicals that can make it brittle and easily broken.
Fourth do "nail bath". For its products, you can get them at beauty stores and the price of any variety.

Can be adapted to the circumstances of your pockets. Fifth, fill the need for calcium because it will greatly affect the strength and health of your nails. Perform well and menikur pedicure at the salon on a regular basis at least once a month


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