Erdogan: We Have Very Patient with Israel

SeributawaNews - Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Sunday (25 / 9) states that the relationship "ruined" his country with Israel can only be improved if Israel stop blocking aid flotilla to Gaza and end the embargo on Gaza.

Erdogan said Turkey has been very patient with Israel - that were previously regarded as an ally - despite strained relations after Israeli forces invaded Gaza last year's fleet.

"I can state clearly and frankly that relations between Israel and Turkey have been violated on the basis of issues being raised by Israel itself, which began when the armada of humanitarian aid to try to reach Gaza. Where activists from 33 different countries were attacked both from sea and air, "said Erdogan told CNN.

"We have been very patient. We demand that they apologize, pay compensation and eliminate the embargo on Gaza once and for all," he asserted.

"If these demands are not met, the relationship between Turkey and Israel will never be normal again."

He repeated earlier statements that a Turkish warship could be sent to protect aid shipments to Gaza in the future.

"In this situation ... democracy, human rights and freedoms must be maintained," said Erdogan, who warned that Israel risked isolation yag increased.

"If you insist on creating a source of trouble, you are bound to be alone and lonely," the Turkish leader said.

"They used to be our good friend, (but) alone is the fate of Israel in a situation like this. Israel will be alone in the region."

Erdogan makes reference to the clashes on 31 May last year when Israeli troops climbed into a fleet of six ships in international waters in an attempt to stop the ship headed to Gaza.


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