Laser Could Control Rain

SeributawaNews - Scientists from a university in Switzerland found a way to control the rain with laser assisted condensation technique. With this technique, the rain can be engineered or otherwise terminated. 

Based on the results of a study published in Nature, the beginning of September 2011, researchers from the University of Geneva found ways to make the laser fired water droplets in the air with a certain technique. This technique is claimed to be safer than existing methods used today such as by filling the air with particles of dry ice and silver iodide. 

With a technique called condensation of water with the help of a laser, nitric acid particles are formed when the laser was fired into the air. The effect makes the water molecules join. 
So far, the new research could form the molecules that are too light to fall as rain. However, scientists hope will be able to control the size of water droplets. If that happens, they can determine when rain or no rain. 

Unfortunately, this technique can only be done in the air moist, not dry. Therefore, its application be limited. 

Jérôme Kasparian, a physicist at the University of Geneva who joined the study, said, "Maybe one day become a way of shortening the rainy season or reduce flooding in certain areas." 

But certainly, these researchers hakul sure this technique is better than had been present. "The laser can be run continuously and you do not need to spread a number of silver iodide in the atmosphere," Kasparian said as quoted by the Guardian.


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