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SeributawaNews - Nuclear Power Plant Bushehr, Iran, has begun to supply power to the entire country. With the operation of this nuclear power plant, Iran became the first country in the Middle East that use atomic reactors for daily energy needs. 

According to Iran's Atomic Energy Agency, quoted by Al Jazeera, Sunday, September 4, 2011, the Bushehr nuclear power plant began to supply power to various electrical substation on Saturday evening last week at 23:29 local time. 

"The Bushehr nuclear power plant delivering 60 megawatts of electricity to substations nationwide," said Khadem Qaemi Hamid, a spokesman for Iran's Atomic Agency. 

Qaemi said the inauguration of this new nuclear power plant operation will be conducted on September 12, 2011. Currently, the Bushehr issue only 40 percent of total electricity capacity has. Later, once inaugurated, NPP is expected to generate 1,000 megawatts, or about 2.5 percent of Iran's electricity consumption. 

UN Atomic Agency, IAEA, did not comment on it. Previously they shared with the Western countries have repeatedly against Iranian nuclear installations. They fear Iran will use it to make weapons. But this is denied by Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, who told them to nuclear energy and medical purposes. 

Iran's Bushehr plant started in 1975, before the revolution. This installation was originally created by the German Siemens company before it was eventually taken over by Russia. Initially, the NPP is scheduled to be operational by the end of last year, but delayed until this year. 

Russia blamed the delay on Iran. The Russians said the NPP parts of outdated and unusable. Iran eventually replace some parts with new ones. 

Experts say Iran would not be able to make nuclear weapons at the Bushehr nuclear power plant. This is because Russia only facilitates the enrichment of uranium for reactor fuel and to take waste that can be used to make weapons made from plutonium.


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