Lady GaGa Got a new boyfriend

SeributawaNews - Lady GaGa did not seem to have longer married to his solitude. Because the eccentric singer was already a replacement for the long-Luc Carl had broken relations with it disconnected. Who?

Men idol GaGa heart is no other actor Vampire Diaries star handsome, Taylor Kinney. Reportedly, the two began to close since the actor became a model in the video clip You and I in July. Ironically, the song You and I are reportedly is the 'theme song' for a love story GaGa and Luc are often problematic.

"At first it looks normal. But gradually they are more intimate and hot," said a source close to. Supports the statement to the source, a waiter at the Sneak Joint claimed to have seen this couple at a bar showing kemesraannya beach in Mission Viejo, Calif., Sunday (4 / 9) then.

"At first I did not recognize him. They both look like a couple in love who are making out, but I finally realized she was Lady GaGa! Everyone got mad. He is also quite friendly and gave some autographs," said the eyewitness.

Not only that, GaGa and Kinney were also seen together again on Monday (5 / 9). At that time, they are seen holding hands while walking in the Mission Vejo. "GaGa messy hair, of course, such moments of 'morning after'. They both look very attracted to each other," said an eyewitness another. A day later, they again appear together on the same beach.


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