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SeributawaNews - First I saw this site, I am not interested at all. Since that time I still do not understand what it's pagerank and alexa. So passed away without reading it at all. But after a few weeks ago I accidentally get into the site again, and I just try to register my blog there. The result? 
It turns out pretty good, my blog is everywhere, meaning what? after we register our blog at GrowURL, then GrowURL will submit your blog to hundreds of classified ad sites and blog directories. The result of our blog will be famous and will be automatically alexa skyrocketed up. Not bad, the list can be traffic free. 

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It is like this, my friend had a beautiful product knick-knacks, then there are many famous stores and supermarkets offer a buddy to put knick-knacks buddy at the store and the supermarket. So pal merchandise will sell well in a moment, at least there are some visitors who glance at it. 
Similarly, a blog, imagine if my friend had a blog with beautiful templates and interesting content, but my friend does not know how to get visitors, will be futile instead. For that frequently seek information from google about seo. 
Back to GrowURL, I highly recommend my friend to register your blog in GrowURL, in addition to technorati dmoz and certainly the most important. 
Free list, then wait and see the results a few weeks later.

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