How Search Engines Work, Indexing and Search

SeributawaNews - This time I will talk about indexing and searching. Once the spiders gather information from the web or blogs and search engines then storing them in index database for later query. The main purpose of indexing is to find the information as quickly as possible. In the search engine can only save the keywords and URL of a page in their database. To create an efficient and useful results, then save the search engine keywords and URLs. Usually search engines store the number of keywords that will appear on the page. Machines can give rank to each web page / blog, depending on many factors like backlinks, keyword, relevance of content. But every search engine uses different algorithms on how indexing the page. So this is one reason why the different search engines produce different search listings for certain keyword searches.

"Spider" takes Web content pages / blogs and create a keyword that allows online users to find pages they are looking for. 

 When users search for certain keywords on search engine sites, the engine returns a list of web pages that best match by checking the database indexes. Then give a brief description of content that contains the titles and URLs in the SERPs. To use search engines more efficient you can follow the instructions below: 

- AND - All the keywords with "AND" would be much better in a web page or document. We can replace the "AND" by "+" on some search engines. 
- OR - We can replace the "OR" with "|" in some search engines. 
- Quotation Marks - The words between quotation marks is considered as a phrase. Would that have to be on a web page


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