How it Works "Spider" In Search Engine

SeributawaNews - Search engines use automated programs called "Spiders" to find new pages or information on hundreds of millions of web pages. How does the workings of the search engine spiders. In search engines, there is a process of building a list of words found in your blog or website called crawling. 

One question that may arise, How Spider crawling? Spider will start with a site's ranking or popular or high, indexing the words on the page and then following every link found at the site. In this way, the spider started to crawl and visiting the pages of the most widely used on the web. The contents of each page is analyzed to determine how it should be indexed. Search engines look for keywords that are relevant to the content of web pages. Then index the pages with that keyword. Spiders crawling for keywords that appear in: 

- In URL 
- In Post Title 
- In the post 
- In a meta tag 
- In the description 
- High up on the page 
- The ALT tag for images 
- The link text for inbound links 

If the site has a high page rank, then the spider is more like it. So surf the entire web spiders ranging from popular sites for all links on that site. But if your site or blog is very new so there are less chances to get inbound links or backlinks from pages that have a higher ranking sites. Then the question arises, how spiders crawl a new site or a blog? There is a manual way if we have a new website or blog then first submit to popular search engines.


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