Defender DC 100 Works Project Khann

SeributawaNews - Event Frankfurt Motor Show 2011 in Germany, starting 13 September, will be used by Land Rover to test the concept of DC 100 - next generation Defender. While the British home modifications, Khann Project has prepared, at least, four variants with different views as needed.

DC 100 first white berkelir standard version uses a wide rim radius models a lot. Although simple, given the reams of black color adds dashing appearance.

Project two, stick with white color, only the roof given the color orange, plus certain parts such as mirrors and panels on the front air vents. Then, the top given the roof rack that can carry a surfboard.

The third vehicle, fixed with two-tone colors are impressive off-road vehicles. Only here, all four wheels use traditional roff rim lightly with rails that carry the spare tire on top.

Finally, military-style DC 100 is transformed into the rear cabin luggage complete with roll-bar. Position is being moved to the front spare tire on the hood.


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