Big Opportunities in Mobile Internet Advertising

SeributawaNews - Technological developments provide behavioral consequences on the development of community life, including in advertising. This along with the use of mobile and social media usage is very high growth, and changes in trading behavior in cyberspace. 

Moreover, in Indonesia, the need to connect the more pampered by competition between operators that provide data services are very cheap. Is considered a good opportunity to advertise with the use of mobile internet. 

BuzzCity, an advertising network via a mobile connection, pick up this opportunity by offering branding owners and agents to take this opportunity. 

"It's a great chance, see the connection in Indonesia is very high, such as Facebook and Twitter opportunities," said Lai Kok Fung, Chief Executive BuzzCity in Jakarta, 14 September 2011. 

According to records, Indonesia ranks second for mobile internet advertising in the world with some 4 billion ads per quarter, only to lose by India which has 7 billion mobile internet advertising. 

For information, each mobile advertising will be distributed through BuzzCity BuzzCity ad network that includes more than 5,000 active advertisers who are scattered all over the world in various categories, such as country, telecom, handset model, operating system hanset, hanset features, and channel category (portal news). 

If you want to advertise with BuzzCity, KF Lai says, advertisers pay only for the number of clicks received their ad campaigns. "The cost of 400 rupiah per click / click," said KF Lai. 

The division of the advertising commission, said KF Lai, also sided with the partner. "Pembagiaannya, 65% for partners, 35% for BuzzCity," he added. In addition, just by logging on BuzzCity, the company also will get a monthly statistical report their branding development. 

Unfortunately, in Indonesia, this promising climate has not been welcomed by the company's branding. 

"Corporate Branding is not so understanding, as well as many who do not have a website," said Tri Meylinna Sadewi, Account Manager BuzzCity Indonesia. 

For that, go KF Lai, what is done by BuzzCity an educational step for the company branding advertising in capturing large pelung. As an illustration, this time in Indonesia there are 50 new advertiser is comprised of telecommunications companies, banks, and insurance. 


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