Sex Guide in Smartphone Coming Soon

SeributawaNews - For the first time, a sex manual application will be launched on the Android smart phone, BlackBerry and the iPhone, it costs 71 pounds. The Lovers' Guide, a pioneer of sex manuals, plans to launch the first application for smart phone sex. Coinciding with the first terrestrial broadcaster's guide series, the application will be launched in late July on Google Android devices with features 71 video clips at the rate of £ 1 for each video clip.

But the application was faced with strict rules in Apple's app store so difficult to get the iPhone and iPad, but applications for the BlackBerry has been planned. Application owner's Body in Balance said that the application would "give advice on how to arouse passions". Each video clip will provide a "ranking passion".

Though Google's Android platform is open to all application developers to use without any interference from a search engine, yet there are other brands that launches the same application. A number of small developers have introduced some basic programs, but the application Lovers' Guide is expected to be first because there are video clips.

According to the Telegraph, Body in Balance claimed that the application will promote a healthy sex life as part of a healthy lifestyle. Although these materials have historically dominated the adult Internet traffic figures, but recently social networks like Facebook more popular. The growing popularity of online gambling also means that adult content has lost its appeal. (


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