Nigeria Launches Two Satellites

SeributawaNews - Nigeria has launched two observation satellites into orbit early Wednesday from a launch pad in Russian Yasny City, Nigeria. Authorities claimed the satellite was expected to monitor the weather in the area every season damaged by natural disasters.

Similarly, Xinhua quoted from the pages of Thursday (18 / 8).

President Goodluck Jonathan said that NigeriaSat-2 satellite and NigeriaSat-X is an improvement in the country on space technology. These technologies compete with countries like South Africa and Algeria, which also has a space program is.

Felix Ale, spokesman for the National Space Research and Development Board, said that NigeriaSat-X was designed by a team of engineers Nigeriadan scientists at Surrey Satellite Technology Ltd. in the UK. While NigeriaSat-2 was designed with the teamwork of the British company.

These satellites have a wide range of applications, among which include the monitoring of areas prone to disasters and extreme weather in a country that stretches into the African Sahel and the Sahara Desert's southern suburb.

Authorities said the NigeriaSat-2 can detect something that is wider than 8.2 feet (2.5 meters), such as cars. That means the satellite can also be used for military and intelligence purposes.

Nigerian Officials hope this launch goes better. Having previously in May 2007, Nigeria has launched its first communications satellite. Nigeria's first satellite was designed with the help of the Chinese team and launched in China. NIGCOMSAT-1 satellite is expected to serve to the telephone network, broadband internet and broadcasting services in densely populated African countries. But the spacecraft is lost in space a year later after the orbit. (


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