Session Case "Murder Satan" Opened Again

SeributawaNews - A judge announced to reopen the hearing tragedy "West Memphis Three" on Friday, August 19, 2011. This tragedy involving three children who have been convicted on charges of "murder of the devil" in 1993 in Arkansas, USA.

The announcement on Thursday has sparked speculation that the trial would be good news for those who believe that these three children are innocent.

David N. Laser, judges in Craighead County Circuit Court in Jonesboro, Arkansas, as quoted by Reuters, states "will take the necessary measures" relating to the alleged murder case against Jason Baldwin, Jessie Misskelley, and Damien Echols.

Last month, new DNA evidence was filed in Craighead County court. According to one faction, the DNA proves that the three children has nothing to do with the murder.

This murder case makes tantrum because the three defendants are still very young, and there is a possibility that they were not the culprit. Echols, Baldwin and Misskelley charged with torturing and killing an 8 year old boy as part of a satanic cult ritual.

Echols is punishable by death, while Baldwin and Misskelley was sentenced to life imprisonment. These three children had been serving 18 years in prison. (Vivanews)


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