Hurricane Preparedness, Millions of U.S. Citizens Asked to evacuate

SeributawaNews - The United States asked for more than two million residents in some east coast to evacuate to a safer place when Hurricane Irene began approaching this weekend. New York City government even shut down subway service for the first time because of natural disaster-related threats.

"Do not wait and do not delay," said President Barack Obama, as quoted by the Associated Press, to citizens who are asked to evacuate from coastal storm which will pass through Irene. Obama himself shorten his leave a day early to arrive in Washington DC to deal with the threat of Hurricane Irene.

"When you're in the area that will be hit by the typhoon, it must be vigilant now," Obama said. Authorities have issued a warning over the coming Hurricane Irene in several states, from North Carolina to New York.

Evacuation orders covering 2.3 million residents, including one million who live in the state of New Jersey, 315,000 in Maryland, 300,000 in North Carolina, 200,000 in Virginia, 300,000 in New York City and 100,000 in Delaware. Even according to the news station CNN, Irene also will hit Washington DC on Sunday morning local time.

"It's most likely involve at most citizens are threatened by the arrival of hurricanes in the United States," said Jay Baker, analyst at Florida State University.

In New York City, local government has opened shelters refugees since Friday afternoon local time (Saturday morning GMT). This is the first New York hit by hurricane warning since 1985. (Vivanews)


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