Pregnancy Sex Positions Determine

SeributawaNews - In addition to the fertile period, there are some things to know couples who are longing descent, one of which is sex position. Check out the tips from Dr. Achmad Mediana, SpOG, an expert in obstetrics and gynecology from the Medical Care Hospital Kemang, South Jakarta, the following:

- Avoid stress

During sex, forget the wedge difficult to get pregnant and want to quickly get pregnant. "Husbands and wives should enjoy sex to get pregnant quickly," he said. This theory is based on the finding that when a woman having an orgasm, it becomes alkaline conditions in the vagina. This condition is preferred by the sperm.

- Orgasm simultaneously

Some sources say that when there is orgasm in women, the vagina is experienced as sucking movements, where movement is beneficial to sperm because the sperm is sucked into the part. This is advantageous because the task of sperm to swim to the egg became closer.

- Sex positions corresponding shape of the uterus

Form of a woman's uterus to determine an appropriate sex positions for conception. For those who shape her womb antrofleksi (bending forward), any position will facilitate the journey of sperm to the egg.

However, for those who shape her womb retrofleksi (bending backwards), the recommended position is kneeling (menungging) or doggy style position. This position will help "drive" as close as possible sperm reach the oviduct.

- Lifting the leg or hip

In addition, the diligent wife with a pillow to prop your butt right after ejaculation so that sperm flooded longer. However, one thing that is important for you to quickly get pregnant is when cleaning the vagina. We recommend that women avoid using cleaning fluid shortly after vaginal intercourse because of vaginal cleansing fluid can be toxic to sperm and will complicate pregnancy.

- Choose an appropriate time

To get pregnant quickly, you do not have to have sex as often as possible. The most important thing to note is how often to have intercourse in the fertile period. Too often have intercourse it will reduce the quality of sexual relations because of the number of mature sperm cells are not sufficient to meet minimum standards of the sperm cells to pregnancy can occur.


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