8 Prohibition During Sex

SeributawaNews - LOVE does not have rules. All depends on your taste and your partner. But the thing is, each person has the expectation of sex stories. Therefore, there is a ban on sex that you should avoid.

When the same bed with your partner, there are some common mistakes that you may not realize. If he tends to hide it, as a couple, you should catch the error signal.

Here are eight mistakes to avoid during sex, as reported by the Times of India.

1. No kissing

Believe it or not, many people (including women) do not kiss their partner when having sex. Why? Maybe because the positions are not allowed to kiss lovemaking or for being too eager to reach climax.

Unwittingly, this could discourage the rhythm of romance. Make kissing one of the action towards the climax that should never be left behind.

2. Bite before the couple is ready

While some people so enjoy the action an aggressive partner, biting one body part before their bodies are really ready to be painful, uncomfortable, even frightened. So, make sure your partner is fully prepared before you bite the ears, shoulders, neck or other body parts.

3. Ignoring other body parts

In the bedroom, the genitals are important, but you should also pay attention to other parts of the body. Focus also on body parts, such as knee, wrist, back and stomach as a very sensitive area men, also women.

A gentle caress in this area will help to stimulate your partner. And in turn, increase their opportunities to satisfy you.

4. "Shed" weight to the pair

When it is above the partner's body, you must be careful not to "shed" the weight completely. Couples access cover to inhibit the rate of breathing or the action of killing spree moments of struggle.

5. Reach climax too fast or too slow

This is mainly done by men. Men, you need to control the muscles properly to ensure that you ejaculate in a timely manner. If too fast, you can leave the dissatisfaction on the couple, but too slow to even leave the strong impression that you do not reach climax.

To avoid this, provide more time for foreplay (applies to men and women). If you take a long time and could only ejaculate through manual stimulation, better orgasms first pair, for then he could "serve" you.

Then, if you want to quickie sex, make sure your partner knows your wishes. Do not get expectations too high to enjoy a long romance, when all you wanted to end it.

6. No telling when I want to reach climax

If you want to end the struggle, say the couple with a simple sentence, eg "I'm ready." So as not to upset, the couple should know.

7. Too quiet

The voice that came out during lovemaking becomes one of your appreciation towards your partner, for example through a groan or even say something like, "It feels very nice." It also gives them guidance, will continue or stop the action and looking for other zones you groan.

8. Mechanical action

The couple is not a sex machine who always hot whenever you need it. He is your partner to jointly reach peak enjoyment.

Make sure you mix the speed and intensity of the action being waged, from fast to slow, and vice versa. Be your creative partner. Furthermore, you can enjoy the variety.


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