Erection of sexual satisfaction

SeributawaNews - Most married couples in Asia agree that erection hardness is an important factor that determines the satisfaction in intercourse.

According to the latest sex survey titled Ideal Sex Survey 2011 conducted Pfizer, as much as 79 percent of men and 80 percent of women think of erection is the most important element to obtain an ideal sexual experience.

The survey respondents included men and women who are sexually active in 10 countries in Asia. The study involved 1658 men of Asia, including 220 men in Indonesia and 1624 Asian women are 200 of them from Indonesia.

Dr.Heru H. Oentoeng, Sp.And Seksologi Association of Indonesia, describes the ideal sexual relationship is the second meeting of the couples sex organs penis and vagina.

"Cook require other variations such as the tongue or fingers to get satisfaction? What is needed is a strong erection," he said in the exposure survey in Jakarta (06/23/2011).

In the survey revealed, men with erection hardness or Erection Hardness Score (EHS) scale 4 - the analogy with cucumbers - they are very confident admitted having sexual intercourse than men with the EHS 3 or analogous to the sausage. The comparison of 50 percent versus 27 percent

Not only men, women from the male partner EHS 4 also said it was satisfied with the performance of their sexual partners compared with couples with EHS 3 that hardness is analogous to the sausage.

"The erection score of 3 or sausage is actually quite loud, and can be entered but less optimally and still 'run'. Meanwhile, if EHS 4 harshness perfect and at the level of fun," said Heru.

He explained that the man with three levels of EHS in general have poor health conditions. "If the blood vessel system is good, too good erection. So, if erection is only level 3 there must be signs of the disease under those conditions," he explained.

Heru explanation consistent with the results of a survey that says 62 percent of men who describe themselves at the level of EHS four said their good health condition. While men with EHS 3 tends to sick and have chronic illnesses such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity, stroke and erectile dysfunction. Men with erectile EHS 4 also has a higher confidence than men EHS 3.


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