Divorce in the U.S. was high

SeributawaNews - The high number of divorce rates in developed countries was one of them relating to issues of marriage age.

In the southern state of America, according to the latest census that was launched on Thursday (25 / 8) is the area of ​​highest divorce rate. The researchers who conducted the census said the latest findings were based on the reality of growing number of people get married and a late age of marriage.

By region, southern and western United States has the highest marriage rates, as much as 19 per 1,000 people. Of that number, increase in divorce each as much as 10 per 1,000. In the South, the divorce rate at least one point higher for both sexes, the report said.

Maine, Alaska, Oklahoma, Kentucky and Nivada occupy the top position for divorce. Meanwhile, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachuesetts, and New York has the lowest divorce rate notes.

Statistical data is part of Marital Events of Americans: a 2009 study that examines marriage, divorce and widowhood state in the vast country. The analysis is the first released Census Bureau.

The national divorce rate in 2009 was 9.2 for every 1,000 men and 9.7 for every 1,000 women.


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