Apes 20 million years old skull found

SeributawaNews - Skull 20 million years old ape discovered in northeast Uganda by the French scientist and Uganda, on Tuesday (2 / 8). This discovery puts Uganda as a country which is called the birthplace of humanity.

Brigitte Senut of the National Museum in Paris, France, described the discovery as a major breakthrough in understanding the human and ape ancestry. "This is very significant. For the first time we discovered the first complete skull in Africa. Now we can better understand the evolution of the brain, face, and how it relates to other modern apes and our own families," he said.

According to researchers, who found the skeleton is the framework of an adult who died at the age of eight or ten years. If the age is estimated based on human, ape was 17 or 18 years. Chimpanzee-sized skeleton found. But the size of his brain like a baboon. Currently, researchers are bringing that framework to France for examination.


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