Chinese Astronomer Proposes Ways Save the Planet

SeributawaNews - A group of Chinese astronomers, led by Shengping Falun from Tsinghua University in Beijing, suggested the deployment of small spacecraft with a solar sail into orbit retrograde in order to change the trajectory of the asteroid.

Mentioned, this method is an attempt to prevent the Apophis asteroid collision with Earth in the coming year 2036.

For information, asteroid 270 meters in diameter weighing 46 million tons of it will approach the Earth with a distance of 37 to 38 thousand kilometers in the next 2029 years. He then will return on 13 April 2036, but this time it will hit Earth.

According to the astronomers of China, if we put a small spacecraft, retrograde orbit would bring the collision speed to 90 kilometers per second and if done the right way, will prevent Apophis to come back and hit the Earth.

Excerpted from Technology Review, August 23, 2011, scientists say, the possibility of collisions in the year 2036 is very large and the asteroid will likely be broken into smaller sections. Fragments of the asteroid could hit Earth again in subsequent years.

However, project delivery spacecraft to intercept the asteroid is difficult to achieve because the solar wind can make the plane fly off the beaten track that should be a collision with an asteroid.

For information, asteroid, discovered in 2004 was touted as the biggest threat to our planet. However, NASA scientists predict, the asteroid likely to present a danger to the planet Earth is not possible. (


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