7 Common Mistakes When Training Stomach

SeributawaNews - you've been training extra hard to form a sixpack stomach, but no matter how much sweat that out, you still have not seen the results you want. It is very difficult to scrape the belly fat with a maximum, if you do not practice properly.

Men generally keep their body fat in the abdominal area. Unfortunately, this type of excess fat kaitannnya very closely with various chronic diseases, such as heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, and cancer of the colon.
Exercise is an excellent way to shape your stomach, but the exercise must be done correctly. Here are seven of the most common mistakes made by most people who work out to their sixpack stomach.

Just doing crunches and sit ups

These exercises may be the most common abdominal exercises and a lot done, because these exercises really work to shape your abdominal muscles! However, your muscles can adapt quickly to some of the exercises. If this happens, then your muscles will stop responding to any exercise you do. Making changes to your workout every few weeks will keep your muscles still grow and develop.

Exercising your abdominal muscles every day

Abdominal muscles as well as any other muscle in your body, which also takes time off to recuperate and repair themselves after strenuous exercise session. So, the more often you train your stomach does not mean your sixpack stomach more easily formed. In addition, too many abdominal exercises also increase your risk for experiencing lower back injury.

Avoiding cardio

Avoiding cardio exercise is the biggest mistake if you want to form a sixpack stomach and trim the fat on your stomach. no matter how loud your stomach exercises, there is no such thing as spot reduce, or eliminate fat in certain body parts. You must subtract the fat accumulated in your whole body. That's why you need to do cardio.

Not doing weight training for other muscle

To form a sixpack stomach, you do have to train your abdominal muscles, but muscle is as important as any other body. Muscle in your body is actually related to each other. The tendons of the other muscle groups (eg, latissimus dorsi and trapezius in the back, and hamstring in the legs) extending beyond the area of ​​your abdomen. So, who actually gives the appearance of "sixpack" You are the tendon that extends from the other muscle groups and connect with your abdominal area.

Not eating well

Although regular exercise is an effective way to burn excess calories in your body, but what you eat also greatly determine whether you can have a sixpack stomach or not. You still have to adjust your diet properly. Cukupilah your daily protein intake so that your muscles may develop optimally, and eat good carbs, good fats, and calories in sufficient quantities.

Rely solely on a diet

With dieting alone without exercise is the key to failure in reaching the stomach sixpack. Although you may reduce weight significantly with dieting alone, most of the weight down it could be muscle, not fat.
Exercise will help reduce your body fat levels and also set up your muscles. Both are a combination that you need to form a sixpack stomach.

Not seeking help

If you feel you have to do anything but still did not get a sixpack stomach that you want, then it is time you seek help. Look for accurate information about how to exercise and proper diet to help you get the sixpack stomach to the optimum.

Well, is there any among the seven things above that you still do? If so, you should immediately correct the exercise program and diet so that you can get a sixpack stomach that you desire to be effective.


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