5 Important Rules To Get Six Pack Stomach

SeributawaNews - There are many things to remember in training abs muscles or abdominal muscles. Here are some important rules that must always remember. This rule will help you get the most from your exercise program.

Everything we do from work, driving, school, and even fitness has rules. The problem is in yourself, whether to obey or break them.

Here are five rules that must be followed to establish an exercise program six pack abs:

1. Protein Consumption

Protein is needed because it is a vital element for metabolism. Protein is beneficial for healthy skin, blood flow, nails, hair, and others. Protein is the most important nutrients to repair and build muscle tissue in our body. Protein also helps speed up the metabolic rate and burn calories faster. That is why it is important to be met in the program form your stomach muscles. Remember, eat high protein foods every day!

2. Avoid Exercise One Hour Or More

Note the rules on this one. Because it will make you more careful, excessive abs exercises will not be effective because it will probably affect less well. Know, that excess weight training on muscle instead will make muscle growth stunted even halted. So, practice safely. Do not force your body to work harder than your current ability to practice. In addition, make sure you get enough rest.

3. Drink Lots of Water

There's a reason why you have to do this. Because our bodies are always in need of water, avoid dehydration. Water shortages will make the liver during exercise was under pressure and stop burning fat makes you fat burning becomes slower.

4. Overall Body Shape Changes Of Abs Exercises

Start by doing squats, dead lifts, bench presses, chin ups or push ups. This exercise will help you build muscle six pack abs quickly.

5. Motivation Yourself Every Practicing

Do at least one type of exercise routine every day. Do not jump to do strenuous exercise, try to do it gradually and increase exercise every day so your body can adapt before entering the real workout.


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