4 The Best Cardio Exercises To Shrink Stomach

SeributawaNews - One of the simplest ways is already widely known to burn body fat is cardio exercise. And to shrink the stomach, this exercise is also highly recommended that more effective results. But, if you are confused to choose a cardio workout what can you do? Here are four types of cardio exercises are simple but very good and effective in helping to shrink the stomach.


Walk can be an effective exercise to burn fat and shrink the stomach, but you should walk a step faster.


Running is a cardio workout favorite for many people. With running, we will train the entire body from head to toe. Running can also be done in the home such as on a treadmill or outdoors. In addition to very good for burning body fat, running will also train your abdominal muscles properly. If you place your hand on your stomach when you run, the stomach will feel harder, which is a sign that your abdominal muscles are also working.


Cycling is another cardio exercise is very good for burning fat and shrink the stomach. This activity can be done outdoors as part of the trip destination for example, or can be done in a stationary bike. However you should avoid practicing with a stationary bike that has a backrest as it makes its intensity became very low and not optimal for burning fat. If you train with a stationary bike, in addition to getting the benefits of aerobic exercise, will also train your legs.


Swimming is not just a cardio workout, but also the strength training. You can see the extraordinary body of professional swimmers. Swimming requires great stamina and strength. When swimming, we will also build muscle which helps in fat burning process, so we will get double benefits of swimming.

Cardio exercise is very important in the program shrink the stomach, but it is not enough. Set up a healthy diet and adding weight training in our sport is also an important part of the process shrink the stomach. (Duniafitnes.com)


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