Israel Opens Embassy in Libya

SeributawaNews - Israel would open its embassy in the Libyan capital, Tripoli. A number of media Isael said, that "the first Israeli ambassador" will visit Libya in the very near future and will occupy a new diplomatic post. Israeli ambassador's visit, the plan will be accompanied by a number of doctors who will perform medical tasks, helping those injured in war. This step they call "medical initiative" against the Libyan people.

Media Tel Aviv Israel claims to have held talks with the Transitional Council of Libya in an effort to build relations with Muslim countries and Israel opened an embassy in Tripoli.

The Israeli daily Haaretz said that the opening of the Israeli Embassy in Libya would cooperate with Qatar ", which is an ally of Tel Aviv believed to facilitate the opening of the embassy of Israel in a number of Arab countries.

Daily Haaretz said that a prospective Israeli ambassador to visit Libya soon. British sources confirmed confirmed the meeting is being held by a number of Libyan Jewish community who settled in England, led by Rafael Luzon, with some officials in the British government, as well as officials from the Transitional Council.

Israel plans disclosed by a diplomat who was nominated for the position of Israel's first ambassador to Libya. He explained that the candidate ambassador "comes from the Arab Druze" who is called Abu Rakoun Raslan, currently holds the position of Vice Consul General of Israel in Atlanta, United States.

Haaretz added that Rakoun will visit Libya in the very near future, heading a special mission, accompanied by some Israeli Arab doctors as a "medical initiative" against the Libyan people. (dechacare)


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