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SeributawaNews - Many things which we often take for granted, but dangerous. It should be a concern and understood by everyone because it will benefit members and avoid many of the things that are not desired that also can cause death.

In recent years, so often we hear about drug abuse or drug administration errors are fatal to the wearer as well as drug paraphernalia. This happens because of lack of caution in drug delivery and unfamiliarity about the correct use of drugs

There are 5 (five) things that must be considered in taking the drug to be safe and the effects according to the desired, more commonly known by the term "5 TRUE".

What is 5 true that ...?

That question will surely arise for readers.

Then the "5 TRUE" is:

1. right Medication
Before giving or taking drugs should note the name of the drug to be used for many types of drugs that are similar but different penyediannya benefits or side effects.

2. right dose
Dosage is critical in drug delivery because it will determine the reaction and the rate kepatenan a drug against the disease. At certain medications sometimes must be consumed within a certain period and should not be interrupted, if it happens it will result in a disease oabt immunity.

3. right People
Drug administration should be right on target in the sense that according to the name, age, gender.

4. right Ways
Way of drug administration are legion, and not every drug can be administered in the same way with other drugs. Way affect drug delivery and drug efficacy also affect drug action.

5. right Time
Each drug is given at certain hours and functions tailored to the effects of drugs.

Drugs would be maximized and function well if the - 5 really done well. (dechacare)


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