Asthma Can be Controlled

SeributawaNews - Asthma, or inflammation of the entire branching airways characterized by airway constriction, currently estimated to strike about five percent of Indonesia's population of all ages. Asthma need of attention because the disease can reduce productivity and increase the economic burden.

"Knowledge of asthma need to know also the general public to help minimize the trigger factors for asthma sufferers," said Dr. Achmad Hudoyo, Sp P (K) of the Department of Pulmonology and Respiratory Sciences Faculty of Medicine, University of Indonesia in the seminar on control of asthma, in Jakarta , recently.

Factors that increase the risk of asthma attacks on a person, according to Ahmad Hudoyo, in addition to genetic factors, many of which occur due to certain conditions or materials which cause allergies and poor environmental conditions.

"So far, only 30 percent of asthma that occurs due to genetic factors, the rest is exposed due to poor environmental conditions. Control of risk factors by improving the quality of the environment is very important," he said.

Although until now no known cure, continued Achmad Hudoyo, asthma can be controlled. "So in fact completely treating asthma is to eliminate those two factors. When these two factors is missing, it can be said is` cured `asthma," he said.

Asthma Foundation of Indonesia's activists further explained, to eliminate asthma talent that is usually inherited from parents, to do genetic engineering or gene therapy since the fetus - which at the time still an embryo in the womb.

However, he continued, until now medical technology has not been able to do genetic engineering to eliminate asthma talent. "Because it can be done by each person is to avoid factors originators," he said.

He explains, mild asthma attacks such as cough with phlegm in the morning and night of heavy attack of shortness of breath accompanied by the sound and retraction or withdrawal of the muscle, could arise if there are precipitating factors.

According to him, can trigger asthma come from outside the body such as the weather (cold, rainy, hot air), dust, air pollution, fragrances, food, chemicals and certain drugs from the body as well as viral infections, sinusitis and stress.

"For each individual trigger factors of asthma can vary, so it can not be made the benchmark in general. For example, for certain people can trigger asthma cold, but on the other originators of factors could be hot air," he said.

Such conditions, he added, making people who naturally have asthma very difficult to avoid trigger factors, so that then made preventer and reliever asthma medication. "Actually, the first asthma medication is to avoid trigger factors, both avoiding trigger factors and the third also avoid trigger factors, the fourth new uses of drugs," he said.

Achmad Hudoyo explains, asthma medication consisted of reliever medicine that serves to dilate the airways to relax their respiratory muscles are tense or bronchospasm, while functioning as an anti-inflammatory preventer medications (anti-inflammatory), to maintain the airway remains open and relieved after using reliever medication.

Reliever medication, he added, is used when necessary, ie when there are symptoms of an asthma attack either mild or severe, while preventive medicines recommended for daily use in the morning and evening as much as possible, for six months until the attack does not appear anymore.

"This is necessary because the trigger was very diverse, can come every day, and could come at any moment," he said.

Use of preventer and reliever asthma medication, he said further, tailored to the severity of asthma suffered. Disorder patients with mild asthma attack frequency rarely or only once or twice a year.

Therefore, he suggested to use reliever medication, while patients with moderate or severe asthma attacks are often experienced attacks are required to use reliever medication with preventive medicine.

Achmad Hudoyo further added, when attempts are made to avoid trigger factors of asthma is successful then disturbances in people with asthma can be controlled. Asthma, when the score is said to control most of the Asthma Control Test is concerned with 0-24 and total control when the score is 25.

A controlled clinical asthma criteria, he said, visible when the patient free of symptoms of asthma, daily activities undisturbed asthma, no longer susceptible to interference when sleeping, no longer use reliever medication again and the results of normal lung physiology.

Achmad Hudoyo explained, the shape of asthma medications currently available are quite varied, ranging from the injection, infusion, drunk, inhaled or sprayed into the airway. Injection or infusion is usually only done the doctor to asthmatics who were treated in hospital emergency units, "For everyday use at home is recommended medicines are sprayed or inhaled," he said.

Inhaler or "inhaler", according to him, the more advisable because the inhaler directly targeted to the airways resulting in faster work, the dose also fewer doses of oral medication that is 1/10-1/20 that drug side effects can be reduced.

"Inhaler also with local working, only to the respiratory tract, so that side effects can be suppressed, even there are no systemic side effects," he said.

While drug use steroids, according to him, should be done with a special strategy because even if proven to be most potent for asthma but has side effects.

In this case, he explains, the short-term steroid use is still justified, but long-term use requires a special way because it can affect osteoporosis, such as moon face (moonface), bone marrow suppression, and fluid retention that causes the body contain more water.

On the same occasion, Dr. Nunung Rahayu of Philanthropic Foundation and Lily Child Asthma Indonesia Rosyana of Asthma Foundation of Indonesia said it has a number of programs to increase public awareness of the possibility of an asthma attack.

For those who are affected by asthma attacks, continued Nunung Rahayu, it also intensified the campaign around environmental asthma gymnastics RT / RW is good not just for people with asthma, but also the local community. "Although the name gymnastics asthma, which can take anyone interested. Because the effect is also helping improve the respiratory system become better," said Nunung.

In addition, continued Nunung, it also seeks to help people with asthma from poor families to receive appropriate treatment, including anti-inflammatory drug purchase assistance amounting to five percent of inhalers to asthmatics. "It was small. The rest they were assisted through the Community Health Insurance program," said Nunung said, adding that such assistance is given vouchers to those who become members of the club Asthma Foundation of Indonesia. (Dechacare)


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