Prevent Extremism, Russian President Allocate Funds for Islamic Education

SeributawaNews - Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said it would allocate $ 300 million fund to finance training in the field of Islamic history and culture, which will take place over a period of three years.

Medvedev expressed this during a meeting and dialogue with Muslim clerics in the city of Ufa, Russia's Urals region last weekend. He said a good religious education could help matters extremism and tensions between adherents of different religions in Russia.

Russia itself has set the standard of Islamic religious education. Currently, the Russian government has also allowed universities to open up a special department to provide training for the Muslim cleric. Ufa city departments already have it, which became one of the Muslim Center in Russia.

"Ideologically, among scholars of traditional Islam is able to fight radicalism and extremism," said Medvedev.

"A young man who fell on extremist tendencies, basically due to ignorance about their religion, and has a serious impact on the thinking and actions," added Medvedev

He added that there are those who are trying to spread racial hatred in Russia, especially in the political events. "Such actions should receive a severe sanction," he said.

Medvedev also said the Russian government's main focus now is trying to overcome the problem of extremism and radicalism among the Muslim movement in Russia. Related to this, Medvedev offensive revolution that occurred in some countries such as Egypt, Syria and Libya.

"People want democracy is commonplace. But the question now, what comes out of that revolution. On the one hand, there was a regime change that might create a better condition. On the other hand, the revolution could lead to civil war," Medvedev said .

On that occasion, Medvedev urged Russian scholars can play a role in reducing extremism and radicalism among Muslims, and help maintain peace in Russia. (Eramuslim)


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