It turned out that British Muslims more patriotic Brits Compared Himself

SeributawaNews - A survey shows that Muslims in Britain have a higher sense of pride as citizens of Britain, compared to an average of the English themselves.

The survey was conducted by the Demos think-tank by the number of respondents as many as 2,000 people. They made a survey to find out what the best symbol of the British state.

Half of the respondents said that being a country with a multicultural society provides many benefits to the UK. The survey results also show, that instead of institutions such as the kingdom or the BBC - which became one of the iconic British - who played a major role in encouraging patriotism among the people of England, but the behavior is polite and generous all elements of society and government that there in the UK.

Related to the Muslim community, the survey found that there is a significant sense of optimism among British Muslims, along with their high sense of pride became a British citizen. The fact incompatible with statements saying that the British Muslim community is not satisfied with being British and living in England.

From the results of the survey, 79 percent of British people agree with the statement "I Banga became a British citizen". While among Muslims, 83 percent of respondents said "proud as a British citizen."

Meanwhile, 45 percent of respondents among British Muslims to become more optimistic over the situation in the UK today, and only 31 percent of respondents who thought the British situation in the past is better than the present situation. This condition is associated with the reaction, discomfort and distrust of the British Muslim community after the attacks of 11 September 2001 in the U.S..

The Muslim community in Britain, based on survey results Demos, also better able to appreciate freedom berpoliltik as a British citizen, because they realize if traced Muslim community in his home country and the oppression suffered under the government's undemocratic regime.

One of Britain's Muslim leaders often express kebanggannya as well as Muslim British citizens is a boxer Amir Khan, a British citizen of Pakistani descent. (Eramuslim)


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