How Brad Pitt Practicing To Establish His body?

SeributawaNews - Who is not familiar with Brad Pitt. Hollywood actor has starred in many films such as Box Office Interview With the Vampire, Fighting Club, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, as well as colossal movie Troy. Have you ever noticed that almost in every filmya, Brad Pitt is always showing his muscular body? 

This has been one of the selling points as a Brad Pitt top Hollywood actors. In addition to his handsome, Brad Pitt is also very concerned about her figure. Brad Pitt fans not only come from among the women, but many of the men who also idolizes Brad Pitt as an example in the form of the body. 

When starting his career in the film world, Brad Pitt has a thin body. But with a serious and intensive training, he also managed to form a solid muscular body as it is today. 

Exercise Program Brad Pitt In Fight Club Movie 

To prepare for her appearance in Fight Club, Brad Pitt train one muscle a day, so he gave nearly a week of rest before he returned to train one part of the same muscle. 

He did the exercises for 3 sets with 15 reps and one minute rest between sets as well as by applying the pattern of declining pyramid, where he was doing 15 reps in the first set and then reduced to 10 reps in the third set. He performed four consecutive days of training then 2 days of cardio exercise to increase calorie burning in her body before she was off exercise. 

In addition to practicing, Bradd Pitt, also changed his diet. For this film, he eats 6 times a day with high protein compositions such as egg whites, chicken breast, turkey, low fat meats, cottage cheese, and fish and whey protein powder and protein bars. Sources of carbohydrates obtained from corn, beans, oats and green vegetables. If you want a body like Brad Pitt and sixpacknya stomach, then your diet should be completely "clean", as did Brad Pitt. 

Exercise Program Brad Pitt In Troy Movie 

After 5 years ago, great changes occurred in Brad Pitt, namely in 2005. He began to abandon the habit of smoking and reduce drinking beer and eating chips. Body building exercises he konsentraikan on increasing muscle mass (bulking). In addition to weight training in the gym, he also practiced using the sword for 2 hours a day. 

The big difference in the pattern of training is on leg exercises. With a thick muscular thighs, his body was more proportionate to his broad shoulders, strong back, and chest muscles bidang.Untuk form, he lowered his training reps from 15 to 8 reps. After 7 months of intensive training, Brad Pitt also managed to increase pure muscle mass as much as about 7 pounds! 

Despite undergoing bulking program to prepare themselves in the film Troy, Brad Pitt's body does not turn into like a bodybuilder, but a solid muscular body without the fat that is not too big nor too thin, complete with a sixpack stomach and arms are beautiful. Do you want a body like Brad Pitt? Remember the key, diet, intensive training, as well as break ends meet you!


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