"Hamas' Victory Over Celebrating the Liberation of Palestinian Prisoners

SeributawaNews - Hamas celebrates victory over the course of the release of Palestinian prisoners held in prison-Israeli prisons. Liberation came after an agreement between the parties Hamas with Israel, where the 1027 Palestinian prisoners would be released and exchanged for Corporal Gilad Shalit. This is the victory of a young man in Gaza said on Wednesday. 

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip welcomed with incredible enthusiasm for going to the release of Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails. Namu, the release of Palestinian prisoners, not including a very charismatic Fatah leader, Marwan Borghouti ie. Exchange of prisoners took place on the mediators of the German government and the Egyptian envoy. 

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who received cabinet approval for the exchange of the evening, Netanyahu constantly under public pressure Israel to demand the release of Shalit. He said that soldiers would be reunited with his family "in the coming days". 

Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal said Israel would release 1027 Palestinian prisoners in two stages. Within a week, 450 will be swapped for Shalit and the rest will be released two months later. Twenty-seven women among those scheduled to be released. 

Yoram Cohen, Israel's Shin Bet chief, told reporters that the Israeli internal security, the first would free 110 prisoners of the first phase scheduled to be repatriated to the West Bank and East Jerusalem. Subsequently, 131 prisoners will be repatriated to the Gaza Strip. 

Cohen said the 203 prisoners from the occupied West Bank would be expelled into the besieged Gaza Strip or abroad. Palestinian leader Marwan Borghouti are in Israeli prisons are not included as part of a prisoner exchange with Hamas, said Cohen. 

Marwan Barghouti, the charismatic leader's Fatah faction of Abbas and Ahmed Saadat will not be released. 

There are 6000 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails is considered a hero's struggle against Israeli occupation and Palestinian statehood quest. 

"We are delighted with the great achievements and we thank God. It is our happiness. But, all was still mingled with sadness, because we are not able to free all prisoners," Meshaal said in a televised speech from Damascus. (Eramuslim) 


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