Tips on choosing a condom

SeributawaNews - you are confused in choosing the safety of sex? Condoms are the most practical device. There are tips in selecting, for the convenience of self and spouse.

These tips come from sex expert Dr. Victoria Zdrok for all men, including for those who do not like using condoms. You who never wore a condom, you should select condoms made ​​from microsheer-material is very strong (unlike most condoms are made ​​of latex), tasteless and odorless, anti-allergic and can menransfer body heat.

Do not use lubricant, because this species is easily damaged and can cause penile numbness. For those who experience premature ejaculation, use of condoms which contains a numbing jell to make you "last" longer. For you who love new things, use a condom with a vibrating ring that can stimulate the clitoris couple. Do not you try condoms magnum if in fact yours is not big enough. Condoms can be dropped during penetration.

Besides the right to choose, practice put a condom as soon as possible so that the passion does not trigger an awkward fall due to put a condom. If necessary, create a training program "fast technique pairs of condoms". The trick, install alarms that can sound at times unexpected. When you hear it, immediately go to a hidden place to practice wearing a condom as soon as possible.

Try not to let you achieve the best time to maintain penile erection.


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