Size of Vital Tool, Is Satisfaction Guarantee?

SeributawaNews - If during this time, you believe in the myth that a bigger penis size, the more satisfying your partner, then you are wrong! Actually there is no link between the size of the penis with a person's level of sexual satisfaction. 

Although the technology is now more advanced and sophisticated, our society seems to still believe in the presumption that a man's virility is measured by the size of their penis. No wonder the product is believed to raise the size of the penis is quite busy sought after, both drugs are smeared, swallowed up to perform massage therapy. 

To satisfy your partner, do not actually have to have a large penis, but the important thing is the penis can be erect with perfect or able to be maintained as desired. 

Average penis size of 7-9 cm while Indonesia is not erect. In some cases it can happen that penis size is very small (micro penis), which is about 2-3 cm. The causes vary, one of them because the hormone testosterone deficiency since infancy. Of course such a small penis size is an aberration and could not satisfy their partner. 

With state of the normal function of sex hormones, growth will stop a man's penis during adolescence (14-17 years). After that age, it is not possible enlargement or elongation of penis size, except by way of high-risk operation. 

As long as a man does not have a micro penis problem, although its size is still below average, as long as perfectly capable of erection and have a good knowledge of sexuality, surely he can satisfy his partner. 

Many people, both men and women, influenced by the myth that sex is wrong psychologically affected in sexual activity. Culture of the east who talks about sex is taboo also resulted in many couples are shut down and embarrassed to be open to partners. So, have a large penis size is not a guarantee of the success of sexual relationships. 


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