Revolution of the Arab World Could Trigger War on Israel

SeributawaNews - An Israeli military commander said that recent developments in the Arab world could raise the prospect of regional war against Israel.

This statement came after the US-backed Arab dictators were swept from power by a popular uprising and a revolution in Tunisia, Egypt and Libya.

Speaking at the Institute for National Security Studies in Tel Aviv on Monday, Major-General Eyal Eisenberg said the current revolution in the Arab world could spread Islamic radicalism, Israeli news website Ynet reported.

Eisenberg added that there is the possibility of a multi war and "the potential use of weapons of mass destruction."

Israeli commander also revealed that "sophisticated weapons" have been brought into Gaza to use against Israel, saying "the possibility of all-out war is growing."

"We found a new weapon, and as a result of this, we instruct people to hide under two roofs, not just one," said Eisenberg.

This development also comes on actionable when the Egyptian regime of Hosni Mubarak tergulingkan still serve the interests of Israel with the help and keep quiet about the killing of Gazans related.


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