Peeling Myths About Masturbation

SeributawaNews - In a literature explained, masturbation, masturbation, or masturbation is a sexual stimulation is deliberate on the genital organs to obtain pleasure and sexual satisfaction. This stimulation can be done without the tools or using something object or tool, or a combination thereof. 

In many societies, until the 20th century regarded masturbation as something not good. Notion of shame and sin are already embedded due portion of "misuse" the word has remained in modern translations, even though medical authorities have agreed that masturbation causes no physical or mental. 

Nor is there evidence that children who do self-stimulation could be harmed by it. You should remove all the myths about masturbation from your head and get a good understanding of the actual facts. 

Myth 1 - Masturbation is for young people 
There is no age limit to masturbate. Young people are usually sexually active and they masturbate because there is no spouse. Statistics show, men and adult women masturbated almost every week, even though they do not do it as often as teenagers do. 

Myth 2 - Masturbation is not 'something' real 
Masturbation is not sex in the true sense, because it is done alone. But that does not mean that masturbation was not fun. As far as masturbation is done with the mind, people who masturbate will get excited and aroused as well as those who have sex for real. There is no big difference between masturbation with actual sexual activity. 

Myth 3 - Masturbation bad for health 
Many ways in which to prevent masturbation, including by providing information such as masturbation can cause acne and can make a person blind. There is no scientific basis behind all those claims. All researchers and scholars agree that masturbation is harmless. 

Myth 4 - Women should not masturbate 
Studies and statistics have shown that men masturbate more than women. The data is not entirely true, and only partially correct. Women generally do not ever admit that they masturbate, because of the negative outlook on society. In fact, some of the facts stated that the women actually had to masturbate. 

Myth 5 - if it has a couple masturbation 
The myth should be abolished, because many people in the relationship began to masturbate in secret without the knowledge partner. There is no universal rule that prohibits a person who was having a relationship to masturbate, because this is everyone's personal interests. 

Myth 6 - Too much masturbation dangerous 
The myth states that masturbation is harmful. Though scientifically, there are no adverse health effects in those who masturbate. People who regularly masturbated will not get the risk of health problems, except if it affects their personal lives. In some cases are quite rare, a person may lose interest in sex and prefer to masturbate. This should not be done, because masturbation is said to be healthy as long as does not affect one's personal life. 

Myth 7 - Certain people who masturbate 
There was no difference when someone is masturbating. No matter whether the person is coming from a particular State, high or low social strata. People will continue to do the same because he considered masturbation as an outlet for them to relax and rest. (Dechacare)


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