Imprisoned for Snake Bite

SeributawaNews - A man in Sacramento, California, United States, should be to jail because of the bite of a python. The Associated Press reported it on Saturday (03/09/2011).

According to police, the python had to undergo surgery after suffering two bite wounds.

The story, on Thursday (01/09/2011), police received a call from Del Paso Heights area, at around 18:30 local time. "Someone who came there saw a man lying in the street and thought to be victims of assault," said Sergeant Andrew Pettit of the local police.

When he arrived at the scene, police found David Senk (54) is still lying. Apparently, police said Senk is not a victim.

A man then approached the police and accused Senk python snake bite is about 1 meter. "There are two bite wounds on the body of the snake," said Pettit.

Senk was arrested on suspicion of making disability a snake. He was detained on bail $ 10,000 (USD 85 million).

In an interview with KXTL-TV on Friday (09/02/2011), Senk said not remember anything about the incident and he admitted having problems with alcohol.

"When you meet the owner, please tell me apologize. I want to pay medical expenses," Senk said in his prison cell.

Poor snake was handed over to the Sacramento Animal Care Services. Due to "attack" Senk, the snake lost a number of ribs.

According to officials, the two-year-old snake was injured pretty badly. "You could see from his heart and along the side of his body," said Gina Knepp, manager of animal care where it is.

"No one has claimed to have the snake until now," said Knepp.


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