How to Submit Blog Sitemap to Google Search Engine

SeributawaNews - If you still do not know Google sitemap and how it can help our blog. So in order to google blog search engines can index that we created, we should submit your blog sitemap first. Google bot will crawl and index the blog we will, if there is a problem or error, this one search engine will display the error status. Moreover, it also helps us in finding out what people are searching in search engines to find blogs. Our blogs to become popular and get lots of visitors, we need to submit a sitemap to webmastertools or other search engines. 

How to Submit to Google Blog Search Engine 

Step 1: Visit the Google Webmaster Tools and log in using your google account. 
Step 2: Add a blog that you create / add your site. Do not use the http:// before the blog or the name of our site, for example (write: 
Step 3: Verify your site. There are two ways to verify. Select Add Add meta tags (from the drop down menu verification method). 
Step 4: Now you'll see the meta tags as shown below. Copy the meta tag. 

Step 5: Paste the meta tag after the tag on <head>. 
Step 6: Click on the button verification. Then wait for the verification process within a few minutes. 
Step 7: Finally did submit. You can choose several options including: 
4.feeds/comments/default? Alt = rss 
6.feeds/posts/default? Alt = rss 

You can check after some time. You can view the details (the error or the index page, etc.) about the blog or site. 

ADDITIONAL, if you've burned with feedburner feed with the verification method 
feeds / posts / default or feeds / posts / default? alt = rss, sometimes into error or wrong. How to resolve error when submit a sitemap to webmastertools, can use the method with the url as follows: 
feeds / posts / default? redirect = false or 
atom.xml? redirect = false & start-index = 1 & max-results = 100 
atom.xml? redirect = false & start-index = 101 & max-results = 100 
atom.xml? redirect = false & start-index = 201 & max-results = 100 
Start-index indicates the number of our blog posts. It depends on the number of blog posts that already exist. 
Good post on how to submit sitemap to google this helpful for you.


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