How Chris Evans Body Shaping "Captain America"?

SeributawaNews - For fans of Marvel comics, Captain America figure would have been no stranger. And recently was appointed a superhero story in the movie "Captain America: The First Avenger" which was released in July 2011 then. In this film, Captain America character played by Chris Evans, who also played Johnny Storm in Fantastic Four movie. Well, in this new movie, Chris Evans gave a surprise in the form of transformation of a remarkable body shape. 

In this film, Chris Evans plays as Steve Rogers, a sickly young man who tried to enlist in the U.S. Army in 1943 to fight the Nazis, but are considered physically unfit. Then he actually offered to be volunteers in a project called Rebirth, a secret military operation to aid the war effort the United States that use a particular serum to convert Rogers to the peak of human perfection and becomes the super soldier Captain America. 

In this film, Chris Evans body emaciated transformed into Captain America who has a body that is "perfect" by using the machine, but in real life, she has worked hard with dedication to form the body. 

Under the guidance of the trainer, Waterson, Evans managed to increase his weight from 77 kg to 82 kg, while reducing his body fat percentage from 12.5% ​​to only 8%. Evans To help increase muscle mass quickly, Waterson provide training pattern that also involves a lot of bodyweight exercises. Exercise Evans has high-weight/low-rep principles of classical compound movements, especially squats, deadlift, incline bench press, weighted dips, and chin-ups. In addition, Waterson also stressed that Evans always practice with a good movement and also get enough rest to prevent injury and speed recovery after exercise. 

In addition to exercise, the biggest challenge for Evans is in terms of diet or diet. In principle, Evans had to eat in sufficient quantities to increase muscle mass is optimal, but avoid storing excess calories as fat. To that end, Evans low-carb protein shakes in between main meals plus snacks such as fruits and nuts. The trainers also provide additional Evans BCAA supplementation to reduce damage to muscle tissue and encourage maximum muscle growth. 
Well, you can also form the body of superheroes like Captain America, armed with the knowledge and discipline in diet and exercise. 


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