How Adding Ideal Weight?

SeributawaNews - We often read articles about how to lose weight, which is that calories in must be smaller than the exit. If calories in is greater than that out of the body will store excess calories as fat. But if calories in is equal to the exit, then our bodies will not increase or decrease the weight. Is it that simple?

There are also many articles that explain the BMR to calculate the amount of daily calories we need to maintain weight. More than that, we will be fat, less than that we will be thin. But the reality on the ground is very different. An example, someone with a thin body, weighs 50kg with a height of 175cm, he eats daily at 2500 calories (assuming). So far, wrote that much weight, not increasing and not decreasing. Means we assume 2500 calories are calories in equal calories out. 

Then he wanted to gain weight, and he tried to eat more, even some friends who do eat more by increasing the size of the meal right before bed (although it is prohibited for people who want to lose weight), eating ice cream and chocolate as a cover dish, and then went to bed. Clearly more calories than 3500 per day. But he still complains that she still skinny (here we may know him as someone with the ectomorph body type, ie lean body type and very hard to gain weight). And what about the theory that if calories in is greater than calories out then the weight will go up? Why in fact too hard to gain weight after they were raising the number of calories by about 40% of total calories daily? 

Referring to my article on Fat Level Point, which explains that every human body is always trying to keep fat levels pointnya so stable. So also with a thin body type. This type of body type, has very little fat, and body type are not able to store fat in large numbers. Referring also to my article that we should not eat much at one time, as this will cause the food is absorbed only slightly while the remainder will be stored as fat. 

But there is a slight problem with this skinny body type. He can not store too much fat. What happens when the body can not store fat and then given a supply of fat that much? Metabolism will increase drastically to get rid of new fats that would be saved. This is the concept of Fat Level Point that the body will always try to keep the fat levels in the body is always stable (which fat hard fall, a bony hard fat). With this concept, it is clear that eating a lot is not the solution to raise the ideal body weight. 

Thin body type, can only gain weight by increasing the number or mass of muscle (not add fat, will not work if in this way). Adding muscle mass means having to work out lifting weights with moderate or heavy loads. And eating well should be selected as possible to manambah muscle mass. Many people wonder, why do skinny people koq still have to set and keep eating like someone who wants to lose weight (5-6x a day). Eating with a frequency of 5-6x a day portions are still needed so that all food is absorbed by the body optimally. The portion was not too much will not cause excess calories will be stored into fat but finally discharged again by the body.


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