Crocodile with a weight of 1 ton has not been caught

SeributawaNews - After the capture of saltwater crocodiles over 6.4 meters and weigh more than 1 ton, villagers Bunawan, Agusan del Sur province, the Philippines could not breathe. The reason, caught crocodiles not alligators ever seen residents in the stream. Crocodiles are still hanging around, it is estimated even larger. 

As reported by the Associated Press, Tuesday, September 6, 2011, villagers along with hunters is currently hunting down the remaining crocodile in the river near the settlement. Ron Sumilier, a professional hunter who has 20 years of trapping crocodiles, said he has installed 20 steel cables trap with bait dead animals along the creek. 

"The villagers said 10 percent of their fears disappear after the first crocodile was captured. But there are still 90 percent more to overcome fear," said Sumilier. 

Saltwater crocodile is a terror to 37,000 people Bunawan. These giant reptiles reported to eat a water buffalo last month and allegedly killed a fisherman who disappeared in July. 

Sumilier say they have captured crocodiles are not man-eaters. This is obtained after Sumilier forced the crocodile was spewing his guts and was not found pieces of human bodies. 

Crocodile Crocodylus species caught mindorensis rare in the Philippines with only about 250 are tails in the wild. The Philippine government banned the killing of endangered crocodile species. Violators can be sentenced to a maximum of 12 years imprisonment and a fine of 1 million pesos (Rp205 million). This giant predator who was arrested will be placed in the wildlife park that is being built. 

This crocodile could be the world's largest crocodile ever caught. Previous Guinness World Records listed the largest saltwater crocodile in the world is Cassius with a length of 5.5 meters. Crocodiles are found in captivity in Australia is estimated to 100 years old.


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