Unique doll William-Kate Marketed

SeributawaNews - Doll marriage between Prince William and Princess Catherine has been marketed in the famous toy store in London, as reported by some media on Friday (19 / 8). The second doll British royal couple is almost identical to the original. William doll wearing a red Irish Guards, while his wife Catherine in a white bridal gown.

This doll was created by British company named Arklu. Some famous designers contribute mennciptakan this unique doll. A well-known makeup artist also took part, Louise Constad very pleased to participate in making these dolls. he served as both the doll makeup. Dolls in pairs is expected to follow the success of the sale of Princess Catherine doll when engaged, which was launched at the beginning of the year ..

One set of dolls is priced at 100 euros, or about 1.4 million dollars. Daughter Catherine dolls can be purchased separately at a price of 50 euros or about Rp.705.000, but for dolls Prince Will could not be purchased separately. Each sale of a set of these dolls, for 1 or about RP. 14,000 will be donated to the Royal. (liputan6.com)


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