Tips to Keep Fit In Office

SeributawaNews - Lack of time is not the reason that sports affairs neglected. Ceramic with action in order to fit your stamina is always awake.

For active workers, sports affairs may be the umpteenth affair. Excuse the lack of time, fatigue lazy to think that attacking a factor that makes them reluctant to exercise.

In fact, this lifestyle is unnatural and different from the previous. If the first people will move more than one place, so this time many people spend time in one place for a full day. In fact, research shows that the rise of sedentary workers are part of the problem that can cause obesity epidemic. That's because in the same place for a long time makes the body unhealthy, lethargic, and less passionate. Not infrequently, fat deposits accumulate even more because the individual is minimal activity.

Nowadays, many people spend lunch at the computer and did not move from their desks. In fact, the study found that even a small break will bring a positive difference for health. Well, to get around the lack of such activities, you can do the following things as reviewed Healthmeup.

Remained active throughout the day

Walk and talk "hands free" as much as possible or stand as long as possible while meeting or even standing for a moment at work if you do not have many tasks to be typed. Walk during lunch break and then return to your desk. Although seem trivial, this activity can maintain your fitness.

Stretch your fingers for a moment

When there are no typing, restore your fingers by squeezing a rubber balloon-stretched or hair band. Take a moment and squeeze my sides. Do this whenever you have spare time at home either watching television, while driving or reading a book. This very powerful way to make your fingers still look relaxed and not rigid because of too much dancing on the keyboard.

Keep your shoulders when sitting

If you're sitting, make it a habit to create a sitting position with the position toward the computer monitor where your shoulders are slightly above the eye. This will help you look straight ahead without the need to tilt your head down that causes you to slip or slide. In addition, these simple habits will help you avoid punggu pain, neck and shoulders are common. (


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