Tips on caring for the lashes

SeributawaNews - Having beautiful lashes is the dream of every woman. To beautify, women often use mascara and eyelash curler.

However, if untreated, almost every day cosmetic use is not necessarily good for the health of the lashes. Here are some things you can do to the health and kelentikan eyelashes stay awake.

1. Prevent loss.

Excessive use of cosmetics can cause loss of eyelashes. To prevent this, reduce the use of cosmetics for a while. If this method is also unable to reduce hair loss, then you should consult with an expert.

2. Provide adequate vitamin intake.

Eat foods that mengandun vitamins A and E for the beautification of eyelashes. You can also take care of him by applying a mixture of olive oil, almonds, coconut, and burdock. To simplify the process of basting, you can use a mascara brush which must have cleared prior dahulu.Kompres eye.

3. The way this one is fairly easy.

Simply place one slice of cucumber on each eye. Not only good for the health of your lashes, cucumbers can also get rid of eye bags that make you look older. (


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