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SeributawaNews - Over time various types of dance 'street dance' latest trends emerging in the lives of young people today. Since the entry of the flow of Hip Hop music to Indonesia in the early '90s, this type of dance developed rapidly, such as 'Break Dance'. However, this trend commotion with a new type of dance called 'Shuffle Dance'.

Street dance is also known as a vernacular dance. Vernacular more or less can be interpreted as using instinct / gut. This dance style is not confined by a particular form of expression and free to move and follow the rhythm of the music. This definition shows, improvisation is one important element in street dance, which in turn triggered the emergence of many styles / flow in the street dance.

Shuffle Dance is one of the branches dance street dance that was the trend started in the late 1980s and originates from the Melbourne Underground Scene, Australia. At first glance it is similar to jazz dance. Then, in 2004 re-shuffle dance widespread in Australia.

According to one fan shuffle dance, this dance up in Indonesia in 2006 with a very small number of communities. And, shuffle dance re-bloom in the country in late 2009. This dance, is now a new dance trends. Many of these dance community was formed and held the event-event shuffle meet up.

Dance movement can also be fairly unique, which only focuses on the movement of the feet. Basic movements of this shuffle is 'The Running Man' and 'Shuffle' or better known as T Step. Running man motion was made by two-step of the way place but not getting ahead, while the movement of the shuffle is still divided into several types again.

Other movements such as the Hard Style, Old Style, Melbourne Shuffle, and Malaysian Style 'Mas'. Talking about the type of dance is certainly not far to the outfit or costume. Many dancers prefer to shuffle a lot of jackets, jeans, and sneakers. For the Aussie dancers usually perform more relaxed they are just wearing t-shirts and shirts.

For the curious with this type of dance, please browse on the video sharing site YouTube. There are many of the dancers show off this dance shuffle. The trend is also carried by the dance group from the U.S. rapper, LMFAO, in videoklipnya entitled 'Party Rock Anthem' as its main theme of dance. (


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