Lose Weight with Vegetable Juices

SeributawaNews - A research scientist in California, United States, recently, shows that drinking vegetable juice can help control weight. This simple way of helping to get more vegetable intake, rather than consume it directly.

Davis, the scientist, found that adults who drink one glass of vegetable juice every day will get the proper intake of calories in the body. In addition to feeling more healthy body, it can also prevent the occurrence of hypertension.

Ease of eating vegetables could be a strategy to keep track of your current weight. Because vegetables contain fat but low-energy-dense. Nutritional intake even more than the intake of calories in the body. So body weight will remain stable.

Juice drinkers who participated in the study for 12 weeks decreased 1.8 kilograms was recorded. While nonpeminum juice only decreased the weight of about 500 grams. Besides weight loss, vegetable juice drinkers also get vitamin C and potassium intake more.


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