Handsome Men and Beautiful Women Tend Selfish

SeributawaNews - Having a lover handsome or beautiful is a dream for everyone. However, a recent study conducted by experts from Santiago Sanchez-Pages to find those who tend to be selfish beautifully flawless. The experts also found those who have symmetrical faces is not the right person to be a lover.

The study involved a game that involves couples. The couples were asked to make a game under the supervision of researchers. After the game, found by those who have a pretty or handsome face has a high level of selfish than those without. Those who have a beautiful face too often acted arbitrarily and do not want to lose.

Previous research also found that those who have symmetrical faces have a high level of health and low risk of developing hereditary disease. As a result they tend to be independent and not require much assistance from others. Men who have asymmetrical faces also tend to behave aggressively and lead happy. It is associated with high testosterone levels are also found in men berawajah handsome. (liputan6.com)


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