For 40 years, father raping his daughters

SeributawaNews - The case of incest or relations of the blood back shocking Austrian public. A 80-year-old father allegedly confining and raping two daughter for 40 years in his home.

Reported by the BBC, Thursday, August 25, 2011, lecherous old man was holding the girls since the age of 12 and 4 years in a cramped kitchen at his home in the city Branau, Upper Province. Two women currently aged 53 and 45 years was admitted only given a wooden chair to their beds.
"Both women have mental retardation and suffered beatings and other violent injuries," said Hermann Feldbacher, Upper Provincial police spokesman.

Police said that the case was revealed in May, but has spread in the media this month. The case came to light after a suspect was beaten unconscious by one of the victims who want to be raped. For two days, they let the father lying on the floor without any help at all.

One victim eventually escaped and reported the case to a social worker who forward it to the police. The suspect who was found still lying on the floor and was rushed to the hospital.

The unnamed man was charged with the law had been confined, tortured and sexually abusing two children. He has denied all allegations. Currently he is in jail while awaiting trial.
According to police reports, both girls were forced to obey his father's savage passions of fear after being threatened and killed with a wooden fork. Their mother had died three years ago is also suspected to be victims of persecution. Currently the second victim was treated by a psychiatrist to cope with trauma and mental burden they experience.

This is the second case of incest that occurred in Austria. Earlier in 2008, Josef Fritzl, 74, was sentenced to life in prison after raping his daughter to give birth seven times.
A similar case occurred in 2006. Natascha Kampusch escaped from her captor, who had been detained and raped her in a cellar for eight years. The suspect committed suicide shortly after her escape.


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