Be careful, Mineral Water Could Damage Radiator

SeributawaNews - Fill the radiator water is apparently very simple question. But if you choose the water, might interfere with the cooling system of the car, which can be fatal to the engine. If you are asked to shop, what kind of good water for radiators, certainly a lot jawbannya. There is no mention of mineral water, coolant water, waste water air conditioning and so on. Actually, water is best used for our car radiator?

A good radiator water is distilled water, or better known as aqua destilata which can be bought in stores chemicals. There are also people who diligently collect the droplets of water conditioning and then filtered. In this case the same quality, because the air conditioner drip water is water condensation.

But do not try to use mineral water for the radiator mengisir. Our car cooling system is different from the human body that require mineral. In the cooling system, when the machine is working at a temperature of 80-90 degrees centigrade and pressure is high enough, the mineral content will cause deposits on the walls of the cooling system. In addition substances that are involved in circulation and will disrupt the system (water pump, thermostat, and possibly clogging the radiator.)

To increase the capacity of cooling water, aqua destilata should also be added that will keep the coolant water does not easily boil and coat the entire wall systems that are not easily arise rust. (


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