Astronomers Discover Planet "Diamonds" Giant

SeributawaNews - The team of astronomers in Australia claim to have discovered an exotic planet in the Milky Way galaxy. The planet is like a diamond.

This planet, located about 4,000 light-years from Earth, is much denser than the others and consists mainly of carbon. I was so dense, the team of astronomers calculated that the carbon is crystal clear, even not much different from the diamond.

This strange planet orbiting around a star that has died due to supernovae and is called the millisecond pulsar named PSR J1719 new or-1438. Chairman of the research team from Swinburne University in Melbourne, Matthew Bailes, estimates that the planet has a diameter five times that of Earth.

"We are very confident that the planet has a density 18 times that of water," Bailes said, as quoted by National Geographic, August 25, 2011. "This means the planet was not made of gases like hydrogen and helium like most stars, but [made] of elements heavier carbon and oxygen so as to be crystallized, like a diamond," said Bailes.

Bailes and his team found the planet and its star's millisecond pulsar pulsar time of the survey via the radio telescope at Parkes Observatory, Australia. Pulsar is a kind of dead stars that emit powerful beams of radio waves from its axis. When the rays are passing the view from Earth when the star rotates, the radio telescopes on Earth can detect a dead star's regular rate.

Teams from Swinburne has been sketched on the planet-like shape diamonds. However, certainty whether the planet is really the diamond giant is still to be proved further. The team of astronomers are optimistic will find other strange planets.

"With the increasing sophistication of computer technology, we believe we will find another planet like this," said Bailes. (Vivanews)


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